POC: Get the status parameter from an EcoFlow power station

I own an EcoFlow RIVER 600 Pro with an 110 Watt solar panel. Since all the parameters of the station can be seen in the EcoFlow app there must be somehow a way to get it per script.
I found a thread regarding iobroker but this was related to a web api provided by EcoFlow. You need to write them to get an access token.
Fortunately I found a github repository for an integration with Home Assistant:

It took me some time to adapt the source to work standalone. Please note that its just a poc. The repository can be found here: https://github.com/wsoltys/ecoflow-stats

In the current form it outputs just a dict of the values received.
Example output prettified:

Note: This is not an official API and further firmware updates can break the functionality.