Installing mist.inf on Windows 8.X

When trying to install the usb driver for the MIST on Windows 8.X you get the error that the driver isn’t signed and therefore you can’t install it. It doesn’t matter if you try it by either right click on the inf file and choosing “install” or if you try “update driver” in the device manager.

The only possibility to install it is to disable the driver signature enforcement. How this can be done is described here:
In short:

  1. start an admin console
  2. type shutdown /r /o
    /r for reboot
    /o for the advanced boot options
  3. before windows starts again it prompts you for what kind of action you want to take. Choose Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup settings.
  4. press restart.
  5. Once it reboots you get a startup menu with different options. From that pick the “Disable driver signature enforcement” option

Now you can install the driver but you’re still prompted if you really wanna install it when its not signed. You’ve been warned 🙂

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