PACE: compiling the frogger core for the MiST

Finally I found some time to do something with the MiST. Since I need something for starters I had a look at the PACE framework. It has build files for a lot of arcade cores and several targets like the MiST or the de1/2 boards. I just tried using an existing MiST Quartus II project file (pacman) and adapt it for frogger. The same goes for the project_pkg.vhd file. To generate the right clocks for the MiST I’ve used the existing pllclk_ez.* files.
After successful compilation of the core I was surprised that the core worked without problems on the MiST. Okay the gameplay was horizontal and it had no sound but from what I understand this is the current status for all frogger cores and nothing I did wrong 🙂
Later on I found the interesting web log of and there an article about building a core from the pace archive. It gave me a little bit more insight about what I have done 😉
With the help of the article I’ve created new pllclk_ez.* files and adapted the project_pkg.vhd file accordingly. Voila …



Source files:
Core file:

Does anyone have the pace framework documentation? I really would like to learn more about it but you can only download it from their forums as registered member. I’ve tried to contact them via the forum but no contact yet.

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