vic20 update

I’ve uploaded a new binary with 8kb more RAM (28kb in total) and cartridge multipart support.

To run multipart crt’s turn on “CRT with load address:yes” and load the lower part first.
Use the Tosec crt’s without the “[a]” in the name because we need the load address. Load the $4000 or $6000 part first and then the $A000 part. The $A000 crt will trigger a reset and starts the game.

Astrocade update

I fixed the scanlines for vga output. Since its done in the scandoubler its vga only.
RGB output is working fine (mist.ini, tested with my new cable I got from Till).
Also the keys are remapped:

The binary and source can be found at the usual places.

Bally Astrocade console for the MiST FPGA

I’ve ported another classic console to the MiST resurrected by MikeJ from The Bally Astrocade.


There’re still some todo’s left as I didn’t got the joystick working yet and I’m thinking of redo the key mapping. The current key mapping:

Below a video of the “top 20” games for the Astrocade:

Watch this video on YouTube.

The original source can be obtained from the pacedev repository:
The MiST source is here:
And the binary can be downloaded here:

Small update for the Colecovision core

I’ve moved the colecovision MiST port from the pacedev repository into its own repository to be independent from the pacedev framework. While touching the code I’ve added the possibility to load files with the .bin extension and to disable the scan doubler.
Latter option is untested as I don’t own a capable monitor.
The binaries are at the usual place and the new source home is here: