Bally Astrocade console for the MiST FPGA

I’ve ported another classic console to the MiST resurrected by MikeJ from The Bally Astrocade.


There’re still some todo’s left as I didn’t got the joystick working yet and I’m thinking of redo the key mapping. The current key mapping:

Below a video of the “top 20” games for the Astrocade:

The original source can be obtained from the pacedev repository:
The MiST source is here:
And the binary can be downloaded here:

5 thoughts on “Bally Astrocade console for the MiST FPGA

  1. Atmosfear says:

    Sweet, another old console for the MIST FPGA. Thanks alot for the Port but Scanlines dont work.
    May i suggest that Numeric Keys may be mapped to real Numbers on the Keyboard ? At least chose Games/Players and Lives would be easier.

    Best Regards


    • WiSo says:

      They work somehow but won’t show the expected results. Its the same code I use for the other cores. Needs to have a deeper look whats going wrong.

  2. Atmosfear says:

    Yes, if i look close to the screen there is some flickering like very small scanlines. As for the joystick, the Astrocade joystick is kinda uniqe, its a joystick and paddle.

    No wonder that some games wont work like 280 Zzzap and clowns + Brickyard. Most likely they use the paddle.



    • WiSo says:

      I don’t plan to implement paddle support but since the arrow keys trigger the directions it is possible to do the same with the joystick. I just didn’t figured out yet a working way 🙂

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