Small update for the Colecovision core

I’ve moved the colecovision MiST port from the pacedev repository into its own repository to be independent from the pacedev framework. While touching the code I’ve added the possibility to load files with the .bin extension and to disable the scan doubler.
Latter option is untested as I don’t own a capable monitor.
The binaries are at the usual place and the new source home is here:

13 thoughts on “Small update for the Colecovision core

    • WiSo says:

      Thanks for the report. I’ll check it next week. It’s implemented the same way as for the vic20 (via mist.ini).

    • WiSo says:

      Unfortunately I’m unable to track it down. When using the mist.ini my monitor says “unsupported mode” so its doing something but I can’t test if its working because it can’t handle 15khz.
      Are you sure that is has no effect at all on your setup?

    • WiSo says:

      Hey, since you already contributing why not have a look at the scan doubler issue? At least you can test it.

  1. Andreas says:

    Was checking the Colecovision core (version 150324_r933) connected via Till’s cable, then tried the Minimig RGB cable connected to the Framemeister. Unfortunately I get no signal. Mist.ini contains the line scandoubler_disable=1.

  2. WiSo says:

    Does the mist.ini work with other cores? It’s quite a while that I tested it but since there where no other changes to the core it should work.

  3. Andreas says:

    One more thing. Do you know if you output RGBHV or RGB with composite sync. The framemeister only supports the later.

  4. Andreas says:

    Okay, I got it to work with the Minimig Scart Cable connected to a framemeister. The trick is, besides the ini file, the Colecovision core must be the boot core.rbf. If I switch from another core it won’t work. This may be a framemeister specific issue of proper video initialization.

  5. Xenon says:

    Hello, I know that last update was 3 years ago but… there are any plans to put compatibilty for 64, 128 or 256 kb ROMS or Super Game Module?

    • WiSo says:

      I would love to come back to that topic but I’m completely out of business and would have to start from scratch.
      Unfortunately I don’t have the time for that 🙁

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