Small update for the Colecovision core

I’ve moved the colecovision MiST port from the pacedev repository into its own repository to be independent from the pacedev framework. While touching the code I’ve added the possibility to load files with the .bin extension and to disable the scan doubler.
Latter option is untested as I don’t own a capable monitor.
The binaries are at the usual place and the new source home is here:


Colecovision/Atari 2600 MiST core updates

The colecovision and Atari VCS MiST cores got small updates.

The colecovison core now supports joystick control for one player. I also made the OSD a little prettier by making it a little smaller and with a light blue background.

The Atari 2600 core now supports the difficulty setting for left and right player via the OSD.

Get the cores here:

PACE: A colecoVision core for the MiST fpga

colecoVison video game system

I decided to finish the pacedev colecovison port for the MiST. I used the platform to update the mist related pacedev files and stick the data io and osd into the framework. I wanted to use variables for the data_io ram file but mixing verilog with vhdl isn’t that easy so I used hardcoded values for now. Hopefully I can clean that up a little in the future. For now it works fine. The osd is a little wide but my clock divider can only half the frequency of the used video clock of 21.333 MHz. Enough talk just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Pitfall II on colecovison for the MiST

Zaxxon on colecovison for the MiST

From the readme:

Source files:
Original Source:

Update 08.07.2014:
Updated the readme with the missing keys and uploaded a new core which fixed the missing keys 5-0.