Updates to Apple II+ and Colecovision fpga cores

Just a short notice that the Apple II+ and the Colecovision fpga cores got some updates. Thanks to Till and gyurco who sent me pull requests. Head over to the official mist core page for download.

– Support for the MegaCart (ROMs up to 1MB) and SuperGameModule (32k RAM, AY-8910 sound chip) added

Thanks to gyurco.

Apple II+
– Apple II+: YPbPr support

Thanks to Till


vic20 update

Another update for the vic20. The 16K expansion can now be disabled and I added a 3K expansion. There’s no lock to prevent enabling both ram expansion but I think that doesn’t work (but I have no idea how the real hardware would have handled it).
At least unexpanded and 3K games seems to work now but I still see problems with some basic games. They just stop sometimes with a type mismatch or similar. Anyone has an idea what that could be?


Apple II+ core update in december

The AppleII+ core for the MiST got a small update. I’ve added scanline support which can be enabled via the OSD.
Didn’t know that it was so easy to implement. Retromaster did some good tutorials about his control module and one feature of the osd overlay is scanline support. I looked into the source and adapt it for the MiST.
I can add it to other cores as well if there’s demand.