New vic20 update

And again a small vic20 core update.

  • used bugfixed T65 core from the bbc micro project.
  • auto reset when changing the memory configuration
  • switched internal joystick port

Now the core works with only one usb joystick attached.
With the bugfixed cpu core more games work including Dark Dungeons which didn’t run before.

7 thoughts on “New vic20 update

  1. Atmosfear says:

    Great Work!
    Found a Bug. The Key “2” does not work.
    Would it be possible to add a Reset Function to the OSD Menu ?

  2. Atmosfear says:

    Sorry for answering so late and thanks for fixing the “2” Key bug. I would prefer a OSD Reset Funktion because i use sometimes a Wireless Keyboard and my Mist Device is not always near me. For the very same Reason i would love to have a OSD Reset Function for the Aplle II Core. I am in the Process to check all Games for compatibility on each Core so that in the end i have a Clean Set with working Games for each Core without any Dupes. It should be possible to make a DAT file for various Rom Management Tools so that everyone can build a Set with only working Files (once i figured out how to do that with datutil). In case of the Apple II Core, i need to check over 2000 Disks (Asimov FTP Archive). Typing commands over 2000 Times in the Monitor to load another Disk is not so funny 😉

    For the VC20 Core it would be nice to Autoswitch the correct RAM Expansion.
    Example: Choosing “Asteroids [8].prg” from the OSD would be automatic Switch the Core to 8K RAM Expansion and load the File after that. It would remove the hassle to choose the Right RAM Expansion once the Files are correctly named “Name [RAMSIZE].prg”

  3. WiSo says:

    Okay I can add a reset option to the osd.
    Concerning the ram autoswitch, this isn’t possible at the moment. It requires that the MiST firmware delivers either the filename to the core or – better – do the parsing and just delivers the needed ramsize.

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