Philips videopac / Magnavox Odyssey2 for the MiST FPGA

Image by Evan-Amos

Image by Evan-Amos

After some bug hunting and an unsuccessful attempt to get a screen output from a new core I looked for an easy port to get something done. As usual I found something in the huge pacedev archive and on the fpgaarcade page: Arnim Laeuger’s implementation of a Videopac console.
It still needs some finishing but overall it works fine.





There’s no binary release yet but if you wanna try it you can compile it from the sources at:

7 thoughts on “Philips videopac / Magnavox Odyssey2 for the MiST FPGA

  1. Atmosfear says:

    Thanks alot for another great Port. The compatibiliy is very good. 98 Working Games, very few with graphical Glitches, only 7 nonworking Games but we can´t count Videopac Chess becaus this module has not only a Rom, it also has another CPU and extra Memory. I also recommend the NTSC Versions of the Games if possible, most of the Pal Games have a few lines missing on the Upper/Lower Border of the Screen. Also modified Versions of Blobbers, Chez Maxime, Exojet, Moto Crash and Tutankham exists wich work fine with this core. They are all modified to work on NTSC Machines. The Pal Versions most have very high flickering like Tutankham or does not work at all.

    • WiSo says:

      They worked for me. But the current core is much more recent and you should ask about it in the mist sub forum at atari-forum.

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