19 thoughts on “A2600 and Colecovision core update

  1. Newsdee says:

    Would it be difficult to add an option to disable the scan doubler (but keep it RGBHV)? That would work great with an external upscaler.

  2. zzd10h says:

    Just received my Mist essentially to play Coleco games. Thank you for your cores.

    Strangely, my joystick works with your latest a2600 core (and NES core) but not for your latest Coleco core. Is something that I missed ? Is an “enable joystick” for Coleco somewhere ?

    Thank you

    • zzd10h says:

      i tried 3 joysticks and all the USB ports.
      A2600 core works with them but not Coleco one.
      Are they use a different joystick implementation ?

      • WiSo says:

        The’re a little different. I swapped the joystick in the A2601 core because the new user_io from Till seems to behave differently. This wasn’t done with the Colecovision. The problem is that depending on how many joysticks are connected and where the internal mapping for the cores changes. See here for an explanation: https://code.google.com/p/mist-board/wiki/Peripherals (USB vs. atari style joysticks …).
        Did you try with an old 9 pin joystick or just USB?
        I’ll probably revise the Colecovision port and move it out of the pacedev framework. In that turn I can change that or add an option to swap the two internal ports.

    • WiSo says:

      It should work out of the box. Not sure if I used another user_io class there recently so try to use another joystick port.

  3. pcfreak324 says:

    Thank you for the great console cores ported to the MiST. The Colecovision core supports 15khz. How about the Atari 2600 core, does it too?

  4. Mike says:


    Thank you for your great work!

    I have problems to run Pitfall 2 on the 2600 core – can you make it work? Or do I have to use a special config for this?


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