A2600: Atari VCS core update

I’ve updated the Atari VCS core for the MiST and added F4 bank switching. F4 is the standard Atari scheme for 32kb roms.
Additionally I’ve replaced the 6502 core with the core from Peter Wendrich with his permission. It’s supposed to support illegal opcodes which may help with some previously not working roms.
Unfortunately my test roms (atarsi, bang!, Donkey Kong homebrew) didn’t work properly but the changes won’t harm either 🙂
Grab it from the MiST FPGA Google repository as usual.


Apple II+ core update

And another one for today. Also the MiST Apple II+ core got a small update.
I’ve added analog joystick support which is a new feature of the recent firmware. It’s only supported for usb joysticks and not for DB9 joysticks.
I’ve added the possibility to swap joysticks via OSD. This way the usb joystick becomes joystick 0 and can be used instead of the DB9 joystick to play the games.
Unfortunately the analog joystick support is currently untested as I don’t own one.



Colecovision/Atari 2600 MiST core updates

The colecovision and Atari VCS MiST cores got small updates.

The colecovison core now supports joystick control for one player. I also made the OSD a little prettier by making it a little smaller and with a light blue background.

The Atari 2600 core now supports the difficulty setting for left and right player via the OSD.

Get the cores here: