3 thoughts on “Colecovision core update

  1. Atmosfear says:

    Great News !
    Now not only most of the homebrew Games are running smoothly, nearly all commercial Roms are playable too !
    The non-working commercial Roms can be started but are not playable because the Controller wont work. Maybe because it also supports the Super Controller or like Turbo the steering wheel ?
    165 commercal Roms work. Those who are not playable are : Destructor, Illusions, MASH, Slither, Turbo and Victory.
    96 Homebrew Games are working. Those who are not working are: Konami Ping Pong, Pac-Man Collection, Princess Quest and Track & Field. Pac-Man Collection is 128 Kb and Princess Quest is 256 Kb Big !
    Princess Quest is commercialy sold and only aviable via Digital Download but plays in an Emulator.

    Thanks alot for this great Update !

  2. WiSo says:

    Great news and nice to hear. It’s always a question if its something with the core itself or with the pace framework I used. Latter one might be fixable by me. Sometimes it helps to ask the original author of the port to see where the error might be located: http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=173 🙂
    If I got some time I’ll test some of the games you’ve mentioned.

  3. Atmosfear says:

    MASH and Track & Field are working. Looks like i had 2 bad dumps. Also found another Batch of Homebrew Games. Now a Total of 123 Homebrew and 167 commercial Games that work. 🙂

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