My hackthebox rank

My rank is falling like a rock because I don’t have much time to spend. To remember better days I post my former rank banner which I saved before probably knowing what happens later on 😉
I was in the top 200! If you don’t know hackthebox head over to their website and enjoy hacking server and solving challenges like stego, reversing, forensic and others:

Simple IPv4 and IPv6 HTTP Server

When doing hackthebox stuff I often use the SimpleHTTPServer module of python to download scripts and tools from my host system to the client.
Recently I needed an IPv6 http server because IPv4 was blocked. Since I didn’t find a simple way to host files via IPv6 I extent the SimpleHTTPServer module with IPv6 support. While I was at it I also implemented file upload via post.
The latest version can be found on my GitHub page
The current version as of this writing is listed below:


Updates to Apple II+ and Colecovision fpga cores

Just a short notice that the Apple II+ and the Colecovision fpga cores got some updates. Thanks to Till and gyurco who sent me pull requests. Head over to the official mist core page for download.

– Support for the MegaCart (ROMs up to 1MB) and SuperGameModule (32k RAM, AY-8910 sound chip) added

Thanks to gyurco.

Apple II+
– Apple II+: YPbPr support

Thanks to Till