PACE: A colecoVision core for the MiST fpga

colecoVison video game system

I decided to finish the pacedev colecovison port for the MiST. I used the platform to update the mist related pacedev files and stick the data io and osd into the framework. I wanted to use variables for the data_io ram file but mixing verilog with vhdl isn’t that easy so I used hardcoded values for now. Hopefully I can clean that up a little in the future. For now it works fine. The osd is a little wide but my clock divider can only half the frequency of the used video clock of 21.333 MHz. Enough talk just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Pitfall II on colecovison for the MiST

Zaxxon on colecovison for the MiST

From the readme:

Source files:
Original Source:

Update 08.07.2014:
Updated the readme with the missing keys and uploaded a new core which fixed the missing keys 5-0.

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